We AreFounders

Dream big and reach your potential

Innovation in our DNA

Our company culture prizes learning, growth, and accountability. We offer innovative programs and benefits that are rewarding, both professionally and personally, so everyone can pursue their career goals while contributing to company's success.

People, not resources

We have an Employee Success team, not a "human resources department," a very deliberate semantic shift. Our objective is to help people reach their fullest potential and continually strive for the next big achievement.

Get challenged and supported

Mittal Construction is an environment where employees have clear and challenging goals, get regular feedback on performance, and are given opportunities to learn every day. We encourage everyone to stretch beyond their roles and aim high.

Join Our Team

If you're passionate and ready to dive in, we'd love to meet you. For more information and recruitment queries, please feel free to contact us at hr.rmcc@gmail.com