Safety-Policy :

Management regards the Health & Safety of employees and persons being affected by our operations to be of vital importance. Our Company safety policy is to:

  • Pre-plan all of our work from a safety and health standpoint.
  • TComply with all federal and state regulations.
  • Follow all client rules governing safety.
  • Take expedient action to correct any unsafe conditions on a jobsite.
  • Promote safety awareness.
  • Hold each employee accountable for his or her individual responsibility to perform a job safely.
  • Provide the training to support accident reduction techniques.
Our primary objective is to: "Achieve and maintain the highest practicable level of Health and Safety control in all areas of the Company's operations."
  • To this end the Company will ensure that:-
  • Matters affecting Health and Safety are accorded high priority.
  • Adequate precautions are taken to prevent injuries, incidents and damage.
  • The provisions of all relevant legislation as well as the Health & Safety Management System are complied with.

Simply stated, we at Mittal Constructions are committed to safety for all.