Vastu Tips

Vaastu Tips :

To build top-quality construction projects on time and in budget. To that end, our core values are :

  • Avoid sleeping in a room where the washing machine is placed.
  • Do not sit with the door behind you to ensure you don't get involved in office politics.
  • Energise the Eastern sector of your house. East represents health and longevity-the colour of the East is dark green and the element is wood.
  • Do not live near electrical buildings such as a power station. Hang a metal windchime to weaken the effect of fire that comes out of such buildings.
  • Your bed should be placed against a flat wall this will help you get support from your family members and to sleep peacefully.
  • Sleeping Underneath exposed beam can cause headache depending where the beam is placed.
  • Avoid sleeping in a room located at the end of a long corridor or if the door opens to the staircase. It can affect your health.
  • To ensure your house's harmony, stability and protection, place a statue of a tortoise behind your house.
  • Washroom that faces the bedroom emits bed energy. Hang a crystal between the two rooms or put a small round mirror on the door of the washroom.